O2 Curve Respirator

Medical Silicone Seal
Replaceable PM2.5 Filters
Swappable Coloured Shells

Our founders were first inspired to rethink the need for clean air as a basic human right after experiencing the significant health effects of air pollution in Asia


Years of extensive research and development lead to a key partnership with the Air Pollution Innovation & Research Lab at the University of Waterloo.


In 2020, the need for respiratory protection became more prevalent than ever. We were able to help fulfill the increase in demand and shipped product to over 100 countries worldwide.


Designed for performance and comfort

The O2 Curve is a reusable premium respirator designed to provide you with a comfortable and effective breathing experience, no matter where you are, or what you’re doing.

Copy of Curve-red.png

What's Inside

Includes respirator, original white shell, earloop strap, three filters, and travel pouch



"I've been getting nervous about standard masks and their inability to protect the user. Much greater sense of comfort with the respirator and glad I grabbed the black shell for the style I wanted. Not sure why there's not a bigger push nationally for respirators, but I've been thinking about it like wearing a mask is turning your headlights on - wearing a respirator is using your seatbelt as well. You should use your seat belt!"

— Jordan B.