O2 Curve

What certifications does the O2 Curve have?

The O2 Curve is not NIOSH N95 certified, and does not claim to be. O2’s products, including the O2 Curve, its filters and accessories, are not medical devices and so, accordingly, are not cleared or approved by the FDA. These products are not intended for use by health care professionals and are not intended to be worn in medical settings, nor are they substitutes for N95, surgical or procedural masks.

What type of filter does the O2 Curve use?

The O2 Curve uses a triboelectric charged filtration system, which consists of a hydrophobic outer shell that sandwiches a layer of melt blown filter medium. This filter system works both mechanically and electrostatically, and particles that are too small to be filtered physically are attracted to the charged filter, for improved filter efficiency and performance. The O2 Curve filters are designed to filter with greater than 99% efficiency down to a particle size of 0.1 µm, and independent lab testing confirmed filter efficiency of greater than 99% with particle sizes from 0.1 to 0.5 µm, using a flow rate of 236 L / min.

Which way do I insert the filter?

The O2 Curve filters come in a plastic envelope. The side of the filter facing the clear film of the envelope is upstream of the airflow, meaning the side that can be seen through the clear film is the side that should face out and away from the user’s face.

How often should I replace the O2 Curve's filter?

How often you should replace your filter depends on usage and the environment it’s used in. For general use, such as pollution filtration, the filter should last one to two weeks. In very dusty environments, you may need to switch the filter more often. Health measures that work for some people may not necessarily work for others. Different people have different levels of sensitivity, and as such, may require different types of masks to protect against the same type and concentration of substance. A mask improperly used may do little to protect you from any offending substance and may even worsen your exposure in some cases.

Can the filters be sanitized and reused?

Due to the severity and unknown risks with regard to infectious diseases, we are recommending that filters be used once and disposed of appropriately. Until we have established a safe and effective sanitation process, we are recommending single use as best practice. However, we are currently studying sterilization methods and protocols for our filters, to determine how the filters can be reused safely, and how many times this can be done before losing filter efficiency.

Now that O2 Industries Inc. has ceased operations, what support is available to previous O2 customers?

The O2 Industries website including the FAQ will remain live until September 24, 2021 to answer any questions you may have about our products. We will not be providing any further support for the O2 products effective immediately.